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Published September 29, 2020

No matter your reason for wanting to make money doing what you love, the Business Boutique Academy shows you how to do it. Here’s all the info on what’s included with an Academy membership:

5 Stages of Success

The Five Stages of Success are five specific stages you can focus on at your own pace. It’s a great metric to track your progress as you launch and grow your business.

This is a cycle, not a one-and-done process. Because your business will likely change and evolve often, each stage can be repeated multiple times as you start new projects or initiatives.

The five stages are:

1. Planning: creating a plan for your business
2. Goal Setting: defining and refining the goals you want to accomplish
3. Research: testing, experimenting, and trying different things to discover what works and what doesn’t
4. Action: maximizing your efforts through marketing and sales
5. Scaling: exploring expansion for your business

No one knows your business better than you do. That’s why we wanted to give you the power to choose what area to focus on.


Monthly Live Coaching

We’ll get together every month for a live coaching session to answer your questions and celebrate your wins! All coaching takes place in the Facebook group, and is done in a group setting. This allows us to help more people, and the group gives you a source of accountability and support. The size of the groups vary depending on the day and time of each session.



Video Training Library

From marketing and selling to getting your products into stores, video lessons are available to teach you everything you need to reach your goals. Videos are organized by category, so you can find teachings on the specific topics you need. The Academy currently includes 150+ video training lessons.

“The Academy is FULL of videos with specific topics and actionable steps to help you run your business well. It’s the only place you can get coaching from Christy!” — Sarah L.

Free Video: How to Raise Your Prices



Planning Center

As you complete the action steps from Stage 1: The Planning Stage, your responses are automatically saved in the Planning Center—creating your very own Business Handbook.



Member Directory

We love to support each other, and this feature allows you to do just that! As a member, you’ll get your own profile to share about you and your business—so members can find you if they need your services. And, it makes it super easy for you to find other members to ask questions, get advice or use their services!



Business Health Check

As you grow your business, it’s important to keep the pulse on its overall health. The Business Health Check is a monthly assessment that includes a questionnaire and gives you specific action steps to improve in the areas you need the most help with.




As a member of the Academy, you get access to an exclusive Facebook group to connect with other Academy members. You’ll have built-in accountability and support to help you reach your goals.

This group is where we wrap up each month with a live session to celebrate your wins, recap the month’s training, and keep you on track and moving forward.



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